Mass spectrometric imaging (imaging mass spectrometric analysis) trusting analysis service

A mass spectrometric imaging is the molecule visualization method which can examine what kind of molecule is where how much on the sample plane of two dimensions.The main analysis target is as follows.
1.The animal organization
2.human clinical sample
3.The three-dimensional model organization (skin and tumor, etc.)
An ingredient in these samples can know where and how much it’s distributed.

Our service outline

We are prepared completely from preprocessing of a sample to report making in our company.

After a meeting with Million, a customer just sends a sample to us. We consider complex preprocessing, etc. completely.
Sample section production is also included!

The most difficult point will be sample production by a mass spectrometric imaging.
A large number of processes are included in sample production, and various know-how is necessary for each process.
Figure. Mass spectrometric imaging process

Specialists of MSI including Dr. Shuichi Shimma (CTO) where I’m a leader of a mass spectrometric imaging in Japan considers the most suitable preprocessing.
And I’ll offer you the data satisfied. Million will consider an analysis of every kind of sample!
Please also inquire the samples declined by another company.
A sample example (plant, insect, hair, leaf and three-dimensional skin model)
※A protein and a macromolecule (molecular weight 3000-) need consultation.

Used equipment

Million analyzes by using iMScope TRIO of Shimadzu Corporation.
Imaging mass spectrometric analysis is possible by at most 5 micrometers of resolution.


Quantity MSI in the liver and the brain of the compound X thrown to a mouseI

新間秀一、佐川岳人 日本生物工学会年会2016
It’s possible to pick the difference by the control VS contrasting group out easily by multivariate analyses.Web-seminar and technical description by individuality by no charge also correspond. (It’s possible to hold a discussion.) for the person who would like to know what kind of utilization method and want to do for study by using MSI and for the person who would like to judge after hearing a principle, a price and what kind of sample can be seen, and so on. Please inquire anytime.


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