About Mass Spectrometry Imaging(MSI)

This is a Mass Spectrometric Imaging (MSI) explanation video by Dr. Shuichi Shimma (CTO) of Miruion

MSI is a method for obtaining the distribution information by pre-treating thinly cutting sample surfaces and ionizing components which present on the sample surface.

Our strength

The most important process in MSI is sample pretreatment. A lot of know-how is required for sample pretreatment depending on the nature of the samples. Dr. Shuichi Shimma (CTO) of Million Co., Ltd. (Bio-venture from Osaka University) has a wealth of know-how regarding MSI pretreatment by thousands of examples of various MSI pretreatments over the last 15 year. Therefore, it is possible to visualize the components by performing the optimum pretreatment according to the properties of the sample, even for samples that are difficult to analyze elsewhere.
State of sample pretreatment

We will provide the know-how of MSI pretreatment and analysis as a “total solution” for promoting the spread of MSI. In addition, we will aim to make a significant contribution to society by easily and accurately analyzing the distribution of various components in fields such as drug discovery / material development / food analysis.

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